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an alignment ball that helps you improve accuracy 


Sight Ball’s unique design helps you improve your Focus, Accuracy, Stance, and Training to become a F.A.S.T. golfer on the course.



Focus: Having a sharp focus on your ball is key. Before swinging, get a good look at the Sight staring back at your eyes to get a better focus and keep your head down!


Accuracy: Everyone wants to hit their ball accurately. By pointing the front Sight toward your hitting direction you will be able to actually aim your ball on the course and get a straighter shot!


Stance: With each club comes a different stance position to the ball. When taking your stance, be sure to check to see where the Sight pointing at your feet is facing in order to get a great stance position!


Training: Training with Sight Ball helps you gain a new perspective toward hitting your favorite brand of ball on the course. After training, go out with your favorite brand of ball and try to apply the Focus, Accuracy, and Stance perspective you used with Sight Ball to your ball!